Black Ops: Rising Eagle



Black Ops: Rising Eagle   will be released June 2015

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Quantum Stealth Technology, Yes it is Real

In Black Ops: Grey Fox, you read about the use of QST, Quantum Stealth Technology. I have heard from a couple of readers asking if it is real, it is very real. For more information on QST:

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Socom Interested in Cloaking Technology

In its never-ending search for ways to give commandos an edge in combat, U.S. Special Operations Command is looking to take a page out of the Harry Potter playbook.

Socom, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, is looking to research and development groups, academia, industry and individuals for technologies that can cloak, as much as possible, the electronic “signatures” coming from commandos and their equipment in the field. The harder it is for commandos to be found, the easier it is for them to do their job safely and come home.

To that end, Socom has issued a request for information for “multispectral signature reduction for the individual soldier and his equipment including materials or technologies that reduce the likelihood of detection/identification/targeting of SOF operators and vehicles,” according to the request, put out on the FedBizOps website.

Those whose ideas are accepted will get to put them in the hands of commandos at a week-long technical experimentation event taking place in February at Camp Blanding, the sprawling Florida Army National Guard joint training complex in Starke. The idea is to have the commandos help determine which technologies merit further investigation and possible “government/Industry collaboration for development of USSOCOM technology capabilities.”


Equipment Used in the novel Black Ops: Cemetery Wind


StingRay used to track cell phones. Was used to spoof “el Gordo’s” cell phone, to track him down.


Maxwell’s weapon of choice, KRISS .45 Suppressed Sub-Machine Gun


Raytheon Hy-Dra, All Terrain Vehicle that runs on a quiet engine or in stealth mode on batteries. Used in the mission to Iran.


“Hook” Chinook, teams transportation in and out of Iran.


Team on the ground in Iran.

The hostage rescue mission.


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Anti-Hijacking Mission


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Black Ops: Cemetery Wind Just Released

Hope you enjoyed reading Black Ops: Cemetery Wind, it was a long journey to get it published but that is another story for another day. If you have been following the news in the last month, you know a lot of the things in Cemetery Wind, which was written over a year ago, have taken place.

Two of the events are the capture of the drug king pin in Mexico and the sabotage of the Iranian nuclear facility, which left it in flames.

The title Cemetery Wind came from the actual, Top Secret designation of the U.S. Army, Intelligence Support Activity, whom the  series is based on.

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